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What Kind Of Grain Dryer Can Meet The Qualified Standards?


When users choose grain dryers, they will consider all aspects. If they want to purchase high-quality equipment, what kind of grain dryer can meet the qualified standards? Users can judge based on the following criteria:

1. The trouble-free operation time is less than 2000 hours, and the effective service life is more than fifteen years.

2. A qualified grain dryer should be painted in accordance with the regulations of NJ/Z3, and the noise level during operation should not exceed 85 decibels. The equipped fans and motors should comply with relevant national standards.

3. The manufacturing materials of grain dryers should use raw materials that comply with standard regulations. It is recommended to use safe and hygienic materials for parts that come into contact with grain. After a qualified grain dryer is dried, the increase in grain crushing rate should not exceed 0.3%, the increase in rice bursting rate should