Our factory was founded in 1999 and produced spare parts for rice mill machines, such as rice mill screen, polisher roller, break bar, etc.  ODDLY is a branch for the business on rice mill machines.

The factory currently employs more than 30 people, including 5 technical personnel, 3 international business persons. Our company is with excellent staff, advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, strict management system. Based on this, the company continuously grow and development. "Cooperation, innovation, win-win situation" is our production spirit and service concept.

Over the past years, ODDLY has rapidly emerged with its professionalism and proven technology in the field of rice mill machines. In the process of development, the company continues to exchange and cooperation with a number of domestic scientific research institutions, design and production, maintenance and commissioning capacity rapidly improved, the scale continues to expand. With science and technology for development, and constantly provide users with excellent quality, stable performance, convenient and fast, durable rice mill equipment, is our constant pursuit. Our products are with best quality and super technical services, and strive to create a world-renowned brand, so that Chines products will be all over the world.

The company has been certified by isO900 quality system and CE certification by the European Union.

The company has international advanced CAD, CAM design software, international advanced measuring instruments, plasma gas cutting equipment, polishing, magnetization, spray assembly line equipment, perfect testing mechanism and well-equipped research and development laboratory, advanced management level, outstanding professionals. Our factory is becoming a production base of international brand. At present, we have sold machines more than 20 countries. Products are in Russia, Germany, Spain, Thailand, South Africa, South America and other countries around the world.

Today, employees adhere to the "cooperation, innovation, win-win" approach,. The gold is to sell first-grade products, become the leader in the industry.. The core is to constantly explore and innovate technology.Make the quality as life, provide customers with the most cost-effective automobile equipment and  after-sales service.

Our advantages

  • Professional Design Team

    Professional Design Team

    With over 20 years of marketing experience, the professional design team attends in the design, installation, commissioning and service of a number of complete projects. Three-dimensional software is used to design orders and simulate the installation of complete production lines such as host machine, auxiliary machine, warehouse, chute and air net in the computer.

  • Professional Installation Team

    Professional Installation Team

    Our factory has a professional installation team and owns installation experience with good technology. The installation team is not only familiar with the technical parameters and configuration requirements of the equipment, but also understand the characteristics, processing techniques and processing habits of the raw grain in each region to ensure the installation quality and give full play to the performance of the equipment. To ensure the duration of the project, the installation team can be organize to provide the deployment of installation for customer service at any time.

  • In time After-sales Service

    In time After-sales Service

    According to the customers’ request, our company can arrange for technicians to conduct some days of free skills training in the Assembly workshop. The contract equipment is guaranteed within 2 years.


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